STAIR of Birmingham needs your help! Volunteers are the core of our second grade tutoring program. Students are invited to participate in STAIR by their teachers, and are identified as children who are reading below their grade level, but have strong potential to catch up with their classmates. They come to STAIR twice each week, have a snack, then meet with tutors for one-on-one instruction. We read to them, give them lessons, listen to them read to us, play games and work on comprehension and vocabulary. Each child receives the undivided attention of a caring adult or youth, a rare experience in many of their lives.

Volunteer Commitment:

       * Complete Volunteer application
       * Attend 2 hour training (August and September)
       *  Tutor student once a week, on assigned day from October- April (Weekly meetings are two hours)

STAIR has an excellent, user-friendly curriculum developed over twenty years ago, which is in line with what our teachers in the Birmingham schools are teaching their students.
Tutors develop one-on-one relationships, which make this volunteer experience such a rewarding and worthwhile effort. Please answer this call for volunteers to make a difference in a child’s life--one who does not have the advantages other children have—namely adult attention and support.

We are only limited by the number of tutors willing to help!

Snack Volunteers

Snack Volunteers arrive at STAIR before the children and help set up the room and prepare healthy snacks for the students. These volunteers also stay to watch them enjoy their treats and help clean up the room. The days, times, and locations where help is needed vary according to site. This is not a long term commitment, and could serve as a great entry to the STAIR program!

See our volunteer application.

Substitute Tutors

If once a week is too much for you right now, and you are available on short notice, sign up to be a substitute tutor.  See our volunteer application.

Special Projects

Please add your name to our special projects list to be included on our workdays preparing materials before in the summer, administrative help, STAIR Family Dinners, Graduations, Christmas Celebrations or other fun activities throughout the school year.


Volunteer Application

                                                          Volunteer Application
                                                           STAIR of Birmingham


Mailing Address_______________________________________________________

Home Phone_________________________ Cell Phone__________________________

Office Phone_______________________ Best Way to Contact You_______________

Email Address________________________________________________________

Are you interested in volunteering as a weekly tutor, a substitute tutor, or snack provider?___________________________________

If you are interested in being a regular tutor, list the day(s) of the week you can tutor (in order of preference).
1st Choice_______________________________2nd Choice____________________

If a substitute tutor, which days are best?___________________________________

If you have a tutoring “partner” already, please give the name_____________________

Name of your church or synagogue (optional)_________________________________

STAIR has nine locations—Avondale United Methodist Church—Avondale K-5; 45th St Baptist Church-Barrett K-8 (East Lake); Greater New Antioch Baptist Church—Bush K-8 (Ensley); Lewis K-5 (Norwood/North B’ham) at the school; IPC--Hayes K-8 (North Avondale); Oliver K-8 (Woodlawn at the school); Westminster Pres.—Washington K-8 (Titusville);South Hampton K-8 (Pratt City); 6th Ave. Baptist Church—Hemphill K-5 (West End).  If you are interested in volunteering at any of these sites, please write the name(s):