Site Assistant


Site Assistant Afterschool Program Duties:

The Site Assistant is hired for 8 months, September through the first week of May. The Site Assistant is responsible for students from the time they are gathered from their classroom until they are dismissed from STAIR.  Job duties include but are not limited to:

Site Assistant Job Description During Face-to-Face Tutoring:

Daily Duties 

  • Monitor the students using age-appropriate classroom management during school dismissal.
  • Gather children from their classrooms and load them on the bus or bring them to the STAIR area. 
  • Supervise the stowing of backpacks and coats and visits to the bathroom, being sure hands are washed before the children eat.
  • Purchase, prepare and distribute a healthy snack after school prior to each STAIR session. (Coordinate with Site Director).
  • Supervise the serving of snacks. Snacks should be eaten in an orderly manner.
  • Discuss expectations for behavior, manners, and character with students. With the support of the Site Director, develop and teach routines and expectations for snack time at the beginning of the year. Reteach as needed throughout the program year. 
  • Support students in cleaning up after themselves at the end of snack time. Clean up the snack area: wiping the tables, disposing of trash, and sweeping the floor, if needed.
  • Take students on any restroom breaks during tutoring sessions, if needed.
  • Remain available during tutoring time in the STAIR area to serve as a substitute when needed and to support the Site Director in maintaining positive site culture through the use of age-appropriate classroom management..
  • Work with the Site Director to use STAIR check-out procedures to ensure a smooth dismissal of students to their parents or caregivers or onto busses.

Ongoing Duties

  • Submit any budgeted expenses for reimbursement within two weeks of purchase. Any unbudgeted expense must be approved by the Program Director prior to purchase.
  • Understand and facilitate the lesson plans and use of site libraries.
  • Understand curriculum principles of reading strategies, word study progression, repeated readings and high-quality discussion questions.
  • Attend annual tutor training and other additional training as recommended by the Program Director.
  • Attend STAIR staff meetings as scheduled throughout the year.
  • In close collaboration with the Site Director, maintain a positive site culture with students, which utilizes age-appropriate classroom management to support the site’s learning environment.
  • The Site Assistant should take initiative in problem-solving with students and tutors when learning is disrupted.  For any issues rising to the level of parent contact or an incident report, the Site Director should be involved in the matter and will take the lead.
  • We expect our Site Assistant and Site Director to work as a team and to use the Program Director as a resource. Both the Site Director and Site Assistant positions are supervised by the Program Director.

Qualifications: Candidates should have experience working with children and be comfortable supervising, managing and directing first and second grade students in an age and development appropriate manner. A clean background check is required for all candidates that hold this position.

Hours: The Site Assistant works approximately 4 hours a week from 3:00-5:00 PM on program days. The Site Assistant is expected to work approximately 32 hours outside of the program throughout the year, purchasing and preparing snacks as well as attending meetings and trainings.

To apply, email cover letter and resume to Be sure to include the position and site you are interested in applying for.