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More Books + More Conversations = Reading Better & Dreaming Bigger

Harmony holding books

New books are expensive

And it can be hard to make sure there are plenty of engaging books at home.

When kids have fewer books at home they learn fewer words.

Parents play the most important part in their child's literacy journey. So, we want to make it easy for you to help your kids read better and dream bigger at home.

Get Free Books

Your child can receive 2 new books if:

✓ They are a Birmingham City School student.
‍✓ They are in PreK through 2nd grade.
✓ They are not a current or past STAIR student*

Get Free Books

*STAIR students have already received these books (and more).

How it Works

Get free books delivered to your door

Read when it's convenient for you

Text read to
205-649-5638 for easy literacy activities

watch your child learn more words