In first grade, you could often find Johnavan standing at the library doors peering inside, watching STAIR tutors and student reading together after school.

Johnavan said, "It looked fun. I saw people playing games and reading. I just like to read and get my spelling words into my brain."

The next year, Jonnavan made his way to the other side of those library doors. He worked hard and spent two afternoons a week with his tutors reading Clifford The Big Red Dog, practicing his spelling words to make sure they get into his brain, and improving his comprehension of those new words he’s learning.

"Reading is the most important thing in school and in everything" says Johnavan and we couldn't agree more.

And his grandmother is proud of all the progress he made during his time at STAIR. She could tell a difference. She used to read everything to him, but now he comes home and reads to her.

Jonathan, a student at Oliver Elementary, tripled his reading scores after his year at STAIR. His mom was so excited to see the massive improvement on his report card too!

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