Both Jonathan and his mom are huge fans of STAIR.

Jonathan started the with a lot of work ahead him on his literacy journey, but he was determined to work hard. Each week he worked with his two tutors.

His mom noticed a difference. She said that he started out the year with a C, D, and F on his report card and finished the year with all A's and one B. Now he reads everywhere they go and he comprehends more too.

His reading scores may have tripled, but what's even more exciting is how his love of reading grew over the course of the year. At STAIR graduation we asked Jonathan what he wanted to be when he grows up.

Jonathan told us that he wants to be both a basketball player AND a librarian because, "reading is more important than being on your phone or on your xbox."

It doesn't get any better than that. We can't wait to see you accomplish your dreams, Jonathan!

Johnavan used to stand outside the library doors, wanting to be part of STAIR. Once he was partnered with a tutor, his grandmother noticed the difference and how much his reading had improved.

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