As a first grader, Antonio was still mastering his alphabet and working hard to correctly identify his letters. Gracie and Kaylan, Antonio’s tutors, worked with Antonio two days a week, and as a result, his reading skills and self-confidence improved by the end of the year. For his second grade year, the trio returned, and together they are continued Antonio's adventure in reading with more advanced texts and a newly updated STAIR curriculum. Now, Antonio can’t wait to get to STAIR and read his favorite books in the STAIR library. He particularly loves Pete the Cat as well as The Good Egg and Five Little Monkeys.

Both Gracie and Kaylan saw tremendous improvement in Antonio’s reading fluency since he started at STAIR in 2021. Because of their dedication and the support STAIR receives far and wide, students like Antonio continue to excel in reading - increasing their chances of a successful academic career.

“He’s very energetic, he makes everyone smile, and he’s a friend to all.” -That is how Grayson, STAIR tutor, describes Ayden, 2nd grade STAIR student. The 2023-2024 school year was Ayden’s second year at STAIR, and he loved the books and lessons, especially when they involved Pete the Cat. He loved STAIR so much, in fact, that last year he had 100% attendance.

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