Every child is in a different place in their very own reading journey, but research shows that 95% of kids can learn to read.1
With 3 out of 4 Birmingham students needing extra support on their literacy journey2, there is much work to be done.
1st and 2nd grade students come to STAIR two afternoons a week.

They build a relationship with a tutor who is focused on their individual literacy needs and partners with them to start their adventure in reading.
After completing the program, STAIR students are excited to pick up a book and read independently.

When students, who once faced barriers in their literacy journey, become excited about and proficient in reading, they are 4 times more likely to proudly walk across their graduation stage.3
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“He’s very energetic, he makes everyone smile, and he’s a friend to all.” -That is how Grayson, STAIR tutor, describes Ayden, 2nd grade STAIR student. The 2023-2024 school year was Ayden’s second year at STAIR, and he loved the books and lessons, especially when they involved Pete the Cat. He loved STAIR so much, in fact, that last year he had 100% attendance.

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"If you want a child's mind to grow, you must first plant a seed." Antonio, a kind, giggly, soccer-loving second grader in the STAIR Program during the 2022-2023 school year, worked diligently to improve his reading skills for two years with us. His tutors, Gracie & Kaylan, spent week after week with him building his confidence.

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The average gain our students had in Alphabetic Recognition
Books donated to our Students' Home Libraries
Students Received One-on-one Tutoring

2022-2023 Impact report

We believe that black lives matter

At STAIR, we know that students in our community are struggling with literacy as a result of systemic racism and social injustice. While laws have changed and our educational system has made strides towards the goal of educational equality, there is much work yet to be done.

For 20 years, our volunteer tutors have advocated for change by working one-on-one with students, helping them reach their fullest potential. But we know we can do more.

STAIR is committed to helping create a world where every child is given equal dignity and opportunity. We are taking steps to diversity our board and staff so that our leaders are more reflective of our community and the students that we serve.

Through love and literacy, we will advocate for a better future for our students, because every child deserves to read better and dream bigger.

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